corners of my house

Here are some corners of my home. I found the sette on Craigslist. We drove through the Holland Tunnel with the sofa poking out the back of our car. Luckily we used enough bungee cords so it didn't fall out.

I've been making a slipcover for it. I worked like a madwoman all Saturday, until the sewing machine broke. The poor sofa was left with a half-sewn blue slipcover, and a cushion from the original yellow upholstery. That was not the look I was after. Then I found some old maps that I bought ages ago, and hung them above the dining room table. Suddenly the yellow and blue on the sette seemed intentional. I might leave it as is.

I found some other old maps to hang above the shoe bench. It might be a little cluttery, but it's fun to reminisce about favorite spots in France as I'm zipping up my boots.


lynne said...

m - i LOVE it!!!! The maps are so great right there, and I LOOOVE the little couch. I also really like that rug by your shoes! Looks fantastic.

allydru said...

Very cool. Maps and half finished slip covers and raw wood -- the stuff that dreams are made of. And also cool rooms. Are you guys in New Jersey? You must be -- from what I understand there's not one place in New York that spacious.