flea market fancy

I embroidered and quilted this little picture of my girl months ago. I had intended to put it in her bedroom, possibly sewing it into a pillow, or a little quilt, but it didn't really match, so I stuffed it in my messy linen closet and forgot about it. A few months later, it reappeared. This time the quilt square would have a new chance in life, as a pillow sitting on my dining room sofette: quite a cheerful little face beckoning all to come and sit and relax and eat a bite of yummy food. I finally finished sewing the pillow together today. The border fabric is Dennis Schmidt, Flea Market Fancy. It was originally ultra bright, so I softened the colors with a bleach bath. I found the ball fringe trim years ago in a country store in Idaho. It is genuine vintage stuff; I only wish I had bought more of it!
I think there are beaucoup de possibilities with the embroidery-of-loved-ones motif. Maybe I could do the whole family, or our house, or the dining sofette itself. Now I'm going to be up all night thinking about this one...
Anyway, I loved Lynne's tee-shirts. Can you make me one?


lynne said...

oh melissa! how take-my-breath lovely. i just love the idea of doing everyone in the family... (and i was thinking that a good may theme would be portraits!) did you work off a photo? you really got a great likeness of the little one!

allydru said...

beautiful. and I love the trim.