Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!! i hope everyone gets good long naps today. Because as far as I'm concerned that's what mother's day is all about.

Welcome back Melissa!! Your photos are amazing -- those french are just so effortlessly chic. It kills me. I'm glad you had a great trip!! I can't wait to talk to you so I can hear more about it!!

I'm posting 3 pictures: baby foot, because I just can't pass up a shot of a sweet tiny foot; 2 - inside a pouch i made for a friend, because I really love this fabric! (and of course the friend i made it for!) and 3 - our table for mother's day brunch yesterday for my mother-in-law. we made little menus for everyone and the 6 year old was our fabulous waiter. until he lost interest. which was very quickly.

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melissa said...

I wish I could have joined your brunch. What a lovely table! Also, that fabric is amazing! Where did you get it?