lovely day, lovely light

It was such a beautiful summer day. The afternoon light was just perfect for photographs. I got some pretty ones of the baby.

I loved Lynne's sweet, little purse. I wish I had one to carry my old man wallet and my cell phone. My sister is constantly teasing me about my ugly, black wallet. It has three leather pages that hold all my credit cards, my medical cards, my dental cards, my library card, my metro card, my spare car key, pictures of my kids, old receipts, and noteworthy business cards. Then there are two separate pouches for my money. I usually don't have more than three dollars, but when I do, boy this wallet is stuffed like Templeton after a night at the fair! How can I possibly use such a wallet in the grocery store? I have two options: either I hide it away in my black hole diaper bag, and wrestle that monstrous sack into the store, or I opt for the simpler solution of carrying the boy wallet under my armpit. After all, I need my hands free to shop. Well, it seems like I need a sweet little girl purse to hold my essentials...

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lynne said...

i wish i was right there to give that baby a squeeze.

ah, wallets. mine is from payless shoe store, purchased three years ago. also usually empty except large amounts of pennies. stuffed with receipts, and stained with sunscreen that spilled out of my purse when i was volunteering at the snack shack for baseball (it was one of those spray sunscreen bottles - it was upsidown with the button depressed for a couple of hours). do you think it's time for us to be more grown-up and get woman wallets, melissa? :)