Here are some pictures of the baby's nursery (the light wasn't great, but today's the big kid's last day of kindergarten so I only have a minute this morning to post). I originally painted this room what was supposed to be a soft butter yellow - and then E. came in and said, "wow, mom! I love it, it looks like pee-pee!" at which point I loaded the kids into the car and went back to home depot for this, "dover cliffs" white tinted with a little grey and purple. Perfect. The green quilt on the chair was a present from my sweet friend Carrie, and the small sprout quilt on the side of the crib I made. The mobile I think I would like to re-work (supposed to be an abstract-ish snow white and the 7 dwarves inspired by a very lovely but expensive german one I saw in Cookie magazine), but after the 3 year old was recreating in the crib the other day there are now only 6 dwarves. I suspect the other one went down a toilet). Incidentally, "like to re-work" probably means "will not actually get around to it." The art: Melissa - do you remember when I found that painting of the girl with a bird at that little antique shop in Deep Creek? There it is by the chair - and the picture above the crib is an Ezra Jack Keats-inspired collage I originally did for E's baby room, along with a bit of wrapping paper I have fond memories of that I stuck in a small little clippy frame. The only thing this room needs, I think, is a lovely roller shade on the window. Thank you for instructions, my friend!

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melissa said...

What a pretty, dreamy room. I love the soft wall color, the airy curtains and the white dresser. The artwork is simply enchanting.