our plant experiment

we went to the funnest science museum last weekend, where the kids made a couple of these very simple concoctions. So easy and the kids are over the moon that their plants have already sprouted. All we did was take a water bottle with the top part cut off, make a small hole in the lid and thread a thickish string through (that's the "root", which is what the experiment shows, how a root brings water) then add dirt and a bean or two and a few seeds, and fill the bottom section with water. You could also use a little annual if you wanted. Go, science!


Our Family said...

What museum was it? I think D. is ready for things like that. He needs some excitement, like a sprouting plant in his life!

melissa said...

Great idea. We'll have to try this out. We may not get enough direct sunlight in our house, though maybe I could just put the plant outside.