wee wooden folk

We spent the afternoon with a jumble of craft supplies strewn across our table: bright squares of felt, glue sticks, pipe cleaners, mini ribbon roses, silk flowers, skeins of colorful embroidery floss. These wee wooden ones are addicting to make.
We used embroidery floss for hair, pipe cleaners for arms, and wooden clothespins for bodies. The rectangular pattern in the bottom photo makes a nice shirt. Cut from felt and stitched along the sides, these are simple to construct. The little woodsman in brown has an acorn cap.

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lynne said...

I LOVE THEM!!!! I am going to run out and get some of those clothespins as soon as i get a chance. I especially love the woodsman. No, I especially love the fairy. What a fun idea!!! Can't wait to try our own little wooden friends.