yummy strawberry jam

Yesterday we picked strawberries at a lovely little farm. Today my niece and I spent the afternoon making freezer jam. It is so easy to make and so delicious. Simply buy pectin that says "quick and easy recipe" on the box, then follow the directions for freezer jam. Clean and hull the strawberries, blend them in the blender, mix with sugar, lemon and pectin, then fill the jars. It's that simple and so, so delicious!


lynne said...

look how lovely!! it makes me hungry for some toast with jam. (like frances). are you loving having your neice there with you? And, what art class are you taking?? I called the other night while you were there. i'll call you today for details! xo

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

(deletion above due to a spelling error)

Melissa, Quinn saw the strawberries and the jam and he got all excited. Apparently I need to try making some freezer jam. Thanks for the instructions!

So not only are you and Lynne amazing artists and seamstresses, you are photographers besides. Every picture on this blog looks like it came out of a magazine.