back from beach

was that only a week? it felt more like about 2 and a half days (except for the long car trips to and from. those felt like 2 and a half days, each). we had a really fun time and the kids loooved playing in the sand and surf and are now mildly obsessed with Shamu. The only creative thing we did (even though i brought a whole, huge basket of supplies) was make tissue paper fish kites one night - very fun and very easy. You take a piece of tissue paper and fold it long-ways, then kind of shred the end with scissors. Glue a pipe cleaner along the short end of the tissue paper and fold over the edge so that the pipe cleaner is securely tucked in there. When it's dry, shape the pipe cleaner into a circle (the fish mouth). The rest is totally up to the individual fish-maker: we glued googly eyes and crepe paper streamers on ours to simulate fins. You could probably go crazy if you happen to have some glitter (which I personally decided against in the setting of rented condo).

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melissa said...

I'm glad you all had a good time. We missed hearing from you. My mom's neighbor's kids made wind socks that they hung along their porch. They look kind of like the fish. They're very charming and playful looking.