fairy party run-down

(click on picture for a better view) Whew! Saturday was the fairy party. Exciting to plan, of course crazy the morning of. Look, Melissa, she wore the dress you sent, and got many a compliment! That dress just kills me. We had all kinds of little fairies running around doused in glitter by my daughter, and, apart from cleaning up all the glitter when the party was over, the funnest part was a fairy treasure hunt (I am big on treasure hunts these days). I put piles of craft supplies around the park where we had the party (cottonballs, little fabric swatches, moss, faux flowers, and little peat pots) - and once they'd found all of the supplies via clues, the fairies made small fairy huts. Unfortunately my daughter's hut blew away at some point so I don't have a picture of it...you'll just have to trust me that it was cute. If you are ever considering doing a fairy party, I highly recommend the fairy birthday party article on Martha Stewart online. The pictures are just - no other word - darling. I wanted to totally replicate it. But alas I do not live in the woods or have a white magical-looking pony, so we made do.


Our Family said...

We had the absolute privilge of attending the fairy party and it was without a doubt the best party we have been too. Lily looked just priceless in her Sugar City original and Lynne really set the bar way too high for the rest of us! I really wish you all could have been there to take part in the party, there really was something magical there!

melissa said...

I'm so sad we could not attend the party! The treasure hunt would be any kids dream. I'm sure the girls all felt so beautiful and special. I would love to see more photos.