little homemade chandelier

When we bought our house, the kitchen was black and sleek and somewhat modern looking. Hanging over the sink was a pendant light fixture with a wide brimmed black metal shade. It was a bit too modern for my taste. So I decided to fix it up a bit. I got my inspiration from some homemade wire chandeliers I saw in ABC Carpet in Manhattan. (I'll have to try to post a picture of them one day; they are amazing.) To make my chandelier, I left the original light fixture, and simply removed the black shade. Then I made a wire structure with heavy gauge wire. I hung pretty little glass crystals that I ordered on-line.

I think the effect is much more to my liking than the austere black shade.


lynne said...

that is sooo pretty, melissa! how did you attach the wire to the fixture?

melissa said...

There were three tiny holes in the small black frame that I strung the wire through.