why measuring is important

Here this little blobby sheep/bear (anyone else have "Last Minute Fabric Gifts"?) I made is looking at a book. Then taking a nap (I am clearly pouring my exciting fantasy life into the stuffy). I set out to make a birthday present for a small friend of ours and decided after both my husband and kids were like, "what IS that?" ... maybe better to keep this project in the family!


Our Family said...

I love it! It would make the perfect pillow for A. bed, you know a starter pillow. It could serve 2 purposes, a pillow and a pal. You could add it to your Sugar City collection and call it a Pillow Pal. You never know what will catch on; I have a good feeling about this one! I would love one for L.

melissa said...

I like the Pillow Pal idea. Good thinking! You could even put a little pocket in it for storing rocks and coins and other treasures. I love it!