at home with nature

There's nothing like panoramic nature wallpaper to make a home feel natural. When I was a kid, my friend Lisa had a beach scene mural in her basement. We thought it was so beautiful. We would strike Hollywood poses in front of it and take pictures. We felt so glamorous. I found the amazing bedroom in the first photo on poppytalk.blogspot.com. It was designed by the Dutch bag designer, Esther Veereschild. The second photo is of a dear Belgian friend's home. I'm contemplating a mountain scene in my son's room. Though maybe it's a bit to kitschy for resale. What do you think?


lynne said...

Ethan would LOVE something like that in his room!! Hey, if you're not planning on moving for awhile, do what you need to do to love it, I say!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

so cool! :-)