a little coffee table glamour

Here's a little coffee table I made about two years ago. The tile is shimmery Oceanside glass tile, www.glasstile.com. I bought the coffee table at IKEA. It's has simple metal legs and an oak top. I didn't even bother with tiling the sides; the exposed edge of wood adds warmth. The tile is set in the cement a slight bit unevenly; which adds to the charm and homeyness of the piece. The corners were initially razor sharp. I was sure a child would fall and end up with stitches. As per my practical friend Jen's suggestion, I simply filed the corners smooth with rough sand paper.
The bookcase is an Ebay find purchased years ago when the euro was low. It's turn-of-the-century rosewood from France. It was a bugger to assemble, but it was well worth it. The antique map was a find from a street vendor in Dijon. Amidst a jumble of enormous bags, I carried this map, rolled up in paper with a long string as a handle, on trains, cars and the airplane. It was a royal pain, but also worth it, in my estimation. Sometimes our favorite pieces are those that carry an interesting story...


Odelsa said...

I love this room. At first look I thought it was from a magazine, it looks wonderful. It is very much a room that welcomes a person with a good book and hours of reading. I love it.

lynne said...

melissa, what a pretty room!! and I adore that map, unframed, pinned to the wall, and all the contrasts of warm and cool. lovely, lovely!

Erica-Jane said...

Wow, your home looks gorgeous!
I wish we had room for a coffee table! I love what you did with that IKEA one, marvellous!


Alexander Romero said...

Melissa, Is that time right?? You posted at 4:11 AM!! You are up too early...or too late??

Brad says you will be part of the savage man team next year!! Are you doing the bike, the swim, or the run?

Here is video from the swim start compliments of Hung.

melissa said...

Everyone thinks I'm waking up at 4:00 a.m. to post. No, I'm not that crazy! This is actually set on California time, so in reality, it was 7:00 a.m.!

Katie said...

the table looks stunning.