lounging pillows

Here are some lounging pillows I recently made for the t.v. room. I bought the pillow forms at IKEA. The covers are sewn with piping around the edges and a long zipper. I sewed two in an hour. They're pretty quick to make, if you already know how to sew a pillow with self-welting. Do you like the mysterious man with glasses? Some of you might recognize him. He is my sweet, wonderful husband. I was thinking of putting a face on the creme colored pillow too. Maybe I'll make more pillows so everyone in the family can have their own. That would make for some pretty comfortable lounging on the floor for Friday night popcorn movie night--the favorite weekly tradition.


lynne said...

those are so great! and the husband looks so pensive. I love them!

Emily said...

Those are so great! The embroidery is amazing, it really does look like him! How do you do that? Is it free hand? Really great.

Jen said...

what a unique way to personalize! Of course, your talent continues to amaze me! Those would be fun gifts too.