some sewing

My mental list of sewing projects is really long and exciting... but I'm lucky if I actually execute any of my plans, these days! Here are a couple of things I made last week, between working on my son's first official school report with him (dogs) and saving the baby from her four year old sister (whom I heard saying: "you are a bad, bad baby!") On the bad baby is a little tunic & on the couch a small cushion.


melissa said...

That dress is so adorable! I especially love it with the stripy tights. Baby looks so beautiful. And the pillow is fabulous. Did you applique the trees or is it a fabric?

lynne said...

Melissa - it's a fabric, Kokka, from Purl.

allydru said...

alright, you'll have to post a full picture of the tunic. you think you guys are behind on projects! -- I keep planning to copy some of yours, but alas don't get too far. (I still owe you one, Lynne, I haven't forgotten.)

where do you get your tights?

lynne said...

Allyson - I owe you, too!!

I got the little tights from a $2 clearance bin at a shop in Connecticut, lucky me! (And they lasted through the 4 year old's baby-hood, too)