homemade Christmas idea #1

Since Christmas is getting close, it might be a good time to start thinking about some homemade gifts to make. Many in blogdom have been talking about creating an all homemade Christmas this year (in part to promote earth-friendly consumption, in part to protest all the plastic clutter from China.) I'm definitely on board with this endeavor, though the one caveat would be the camera. I don't think I could manage to make one myself! And I've been waiting anxiously for the Nikon D300. In any case, here is idea #1. This was actually Lynne's brilliant idea that she made last year (I think.) She suggested it to me and now I've made a little photo necklace for my mom. You can buy the Martha Stewart kit at Michaels. All you need is two tiny photos to stick on the medallion. It's so easy to make and so, so sweet. I used a scanned print of a little painting I did of H. It gives it a more 18th century miniature look I think. You can use any photograph. (I had the baby pose as my necklace model. I got about 20 pictures of her trying to tear the darn thing off, and maybe two with her sitting nicely, keeping her hands off of it. And that was because I bribed her with lollipops and pretzels!)


lynne said...

That turned out so cute, Melissa!

I saw the idea originally on stephanie's stephmodo blog, and went out and got a couple of the kits. I think they are just so sweet!

fine little day said...

How sweet.

Jess said...
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Jess said...

Really lovely.
I had been thinking about homemade gifts myself.

The Robbie Reese Family Blog said...

In the spirit of homemade Christmas gifts, you can go to:


and pledge to make it a homemade Christmas.