Homemade Holiday Christmas Idea #3

This morning my 7 year old son bounded down the stairs and announced that today he wanted to go Christmas shopping for his buddies. "Oh!" I said, and immediately launched into my favorite "blah blah blah how about we make something for them instead since it's so much more meaningful" speech.

Kind of a foolish thing for me to suggest, for I know very well that my 7 year old son is not the kind of 7 year old boy who loves making or receiving hand-madey things. He's more the kind of 7 year old boy who loves giving or receiving Legos. Or light-sabers. Or gift cards to go and purchase Legos or light-sabers.

He listened as politely as he could but seeing the expression on his face I ended real quick and sent him back to his room to count his money. He returned with his whole entire savings - $3.94. Oh dear, not quite enough to purchase 3 activated R2-D2s, bless your generous little heart.

ANYWAY, the point of all of this is that finally we decided that he would make a CD mix for his friends. Grand total, 99 cents (for the awesome Star Wars song we downloaded to complete his carefully chosen mix of favorite tunes). This idea stemmed from our family's traditional neighbor gift, the annual Merry Music Christmas mix. What can I say, I am totally stuck in the 80's and I love making mixes. And although his little CD is not quite from the Lego catalog he is so, so proud of it and can't wait to give it to his friends.

Here's what's on our CD this year:

The Wexford Carol - Yo Yo Ma + Alison Krauss
A Poorwayfaring Man of Grief - Peter Breinholt (this isn't traditionally christmas but it's really pretty)
Jingle Bells - The Brian Setzer Orchestra
O Come All Ye Faithful - Harry Connick, Jr.
Rock of Ages - Ben Kweller
Silent Night - Zach Gill
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - Jack Johnson

What are your favorite Christmas songs?


dropstitch said...

At the moment I'm loving "I'm gonna lasso Santa Claus" by Little Brenda Lee (this was also my favourite last year) but I'm usually not allowed to play the whole song at home. It is quite... nasal (?) I'll admit. I really like Phil Spector's Christmas album and the compilation created by John Waters (though it's not entirely child friendly). I'm excited to be able to listen to my Christmas playlist again. It's December on Monday! Yippee!

miggy said...

These aren't traditional Christmas songs--a little more on the rock 'n roll side--but I still love em...

Christmas Wrapping--The Waitresses
Christmas (baby please come home)--U2
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree--Brenda Lee

And my favorite kids christmas song is Snoopy's Christmas by the Peter Pan players. Love it.

miggy said...

oh and you should check out Sufjan Stevens Christmas Album.

lera said...

One song that I learned to love is "Mary's Boy Child" by Boney M. I always used to ignore the song when it came on because it sounded a little different, but one night I was up late making soap and it came on. It was just me, my soap, and that song and I fell instantly in love with it. When it comes on now, the kids all yell, "Mom, your song is on."

Chrissy said...

This is so touching and lovely - you'll never forget those Christmas 'making' moments with your littles.

My favourite Christmas songs are:
The Coventry Carol and
I Sing of a Maiden
because the words are so ancient and beautiful.

Renae said...

Great idea! We may have to try this one this year.

My 7 yr. old son sounds similar to yours--his favorite Christmas song is "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas".

Anonymous said...

David Bowie and Bing Crosby Christmas Duet :) This is the link on YouTube

Heather said...

I have always loved "I Wonder As I Wander". My husband, if he were reading this, would think that is hilarious. He would probably think it is a remarkable case of life imitating art.

This year? I found a discount CD in a bargain bin of Christmas oldies by the likes of Bing, Frank, and Dean. Crosby, Sinatra, and Martin, that is.

What I think is hilarious is that the song "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" is on there and is being sung by Marilyn herself. I'm not sure why it's on there, but it's permanently stuck in my head, now. I'm sure my hubby thinks it's some sort of weak subliminal message for him about his Christmas shopping, but I swear that isn't it.:)

Chair said...

I strongly suggest Loreena McKennitt's version of, "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen". It has a gorgeous (and appropriate) middle-eastern theme and hip-shaking beat. Go get it. Now. :D

Paige said...

Last year I heard a few ditties from Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme that I totally loved. Also David Bowie's "Little Drummer Boy" and Dean Martin's "Baby, It's Cold Outside" are classics for me.

goose and bear said...

I have to agree with the person who suggested Sufjan's Christmas CD. My favorite song on it is the hymn Holy Holy Holy. Best version ever. I think it works for Christmas, too. I can't wait to check out the songs you listed!

nathalie said...

this is so funny!!! the cd idea is fabulous!!!!!! i will have to give it a try!!!

brooke said...

HI Lynne..

Have you heard the version of A Poor Wayfaring Man by Buster Poindexter (aka David Johansen)? It runs after the credits on the movie New York Dolls (which I highly recommend if you haven't seen it). You can watch a clip of it on You Tube here:

I think it's so beautiful..

Kris said...

Well, 7/8 year old are pretty much the same everywhere I think, because my newly 8 year old thinks every gift should consist of lego and light sabres!

As for the Christmas music, I am enjoying the oldies this year. I came upon a Rosemary Clooney cd and added that to my Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra cd's. Love those golden oldies!

cheryl cambras said...

wonderful idea, thank you so much!

Paper Dolls for Boys said...

Love this idea as a gift for little friends. I can't wait to make a mix with my little big guy tomorrow.

I'm Jewish but I always liked Oi to the World! Here's the youtube link:

Enjoy and thanks for the great idea!

Kari said...

Music mixes are great for kids to make and give. We have given them out as birthday party favors too! Can't wait to check out all these Christmas song suggestions.

Heather in Bloom said...

This year I'm loving- Owl City's Christmas Song.

13mimosa said...

Mine would have to by The Pogues and the late Kristy MacColl singing Fairytale of New York. Even more poignant since Kristy's untimely passing.

melissa said...

What a perfect neighbor gift. I especially love your hand-drawn cd covers. So charming!

Lauren said...

GREAT idea! I love the entire Harry Connick Jr album and 'So This is Christmas' by John Lennon.

sarah said...

i love this idea! and it is so sweet that your son is so proud of it!!!

Rubyellen said...

that is a grand idea! that must have gotten him excited and i am sure his friends will be. oh i will be sad when the handmade gifts are no longer their hearts desire... but i know that love will come back.

yeah, forgive me for my tardiness but there will be a few pictures in your inbox tomorrow!!! cross your fingers...

Bethany Hissong said...

I didn't know Jack Johnson did a Christmas song! I must find that!!! I love the version of "Baby It's Cold Outside" on the "Elf" cd, lots of Charlie Brown Christmas music and Harry Connick Jr.'s "Ava Maria". Growing up I listened to some Pat Boone Christmas Album and started my own Pat Boone Fan Club... I thought I was SO funny!! I love this idea for Christmas. If only I could figure out how to put my daughter on it, playing on her violin!!!

CMN said...

Um, wait, Lynne! What was the awesome Star Wars song you downloaded to complete the mix?

And - BTW - fab, fab, fabulous recovery on the handmadey gift ideas. Simply brilliant!

CMN said...

Um, wait, Lynne! What was the awesome Star Wars song you downloaded to complete the mix?

And - BTW - fab, fab, fabulous recovery on the handmadey gift ideas. Simply brilliant!

ConstanceV said...

Great gift idea for 13 year olds as well!!

lynne said...

CMN - the awesome Star Wars songs that my son loves and forces us to listen to non-stop are horrid! From the soundtrack of "The Clone Wars." His favorite is the Battle March and it makes me exceedingly nervous when played at high volume.

Jen said...

Ao funny you brought this up. Dayton was just talking about how he was wanting to get your 7 year old the Lego's Millenium Falcon with 5,000 pieces. I think they are working this out together. Funny little guys!

Emily said...

I also love mix tapes! That's what I always request from my brothers for Christmas since they have great taste in music. Its the perfect gift.
Here are some fun Christmas songs I like:
Rudolph...-Billy May and His Orchestra
Elfs Lament-Bare Naked Ladies with Michael Buble
Home for the Holidays-the dB's
Merry Christmas Baby-Lou Rawls
the entire Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians "Twas the Night Before Christmas" album
" " Steve and Eydie "Happy Holidays" album
Merry Christmas Lynne and Melissa!

Joy said...

I am off and running with this idea! Thanks - you two are amazing!

Melissa said...

I know this is so late, but I just ran across your blog. Love it! I don't consider myself as "old-school" but I do love the Carpenter's Christmas album. I think it's the album titled "A Christmas Portrait".

You should check my blog out! www.modestlychic.blogspot.com.

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