Greetings! Yowzers, it's been a busy couple of weeks...piano lessons, soccer practice, ballet, and the art program at school. All good. Things are really picking up with our school art. We have a volunteer coordinator planning our art show for the spring (Pie in the Plaza - fancy!) and I can't wait. So far we have over 200 children who will have art to display, and hopefully that number will continue to grow as the school year continues and more parents get involved. We've had such a great response from the kids and the teachers, particularly. Seriously, if you are even contemplating doing something like this at your school, do it!! I never thought it would take off as quickly as it has.

Here's a small round-up of our projects from the last couple of weeks:

Painting with Scissors, a la Matisse (lesson here)

Van Gogh Sunflowers (lesson here) (oops, don't have a picture of these on my camera - but they were beautiful)

Picasso Portraits (lesson here)

Other things on my schedule:

Start saving to go stay at Stephanie's finished La Maisonette. So, so lovely it hurts.

Just ordered fabric to make matching headboards for the girls' room, exactly like this one on Design Sponge. Am hoping that chic headboards will distract from the perpetual mess from the six-year old's - ahem - creativity.


Tam said...

Love these projects - might try them at my home

melissa said...

Oh my, yes Stephanie's place is dreamy. I'm sure it was a ton of work! I love all your artwork ideas too. You have an endless flow of creativity dear Lynne!

Lauren said...

I love ALL of your art projects. I am dying to see La Maisonette as well. Would love to spend an entire summer in the south of France:)

Anonymous said...

Lovely !

gaohui said...

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