The Cookie King

Steve and I got married 13 falls ago, a week before he started medical school in San Francisco. Thus started an extremely fun, but extremely poor (in the money sense), phase of life for us. We lived in a series of tiny little apartments perched on foggy eucalyptus-y scented hills in the inner Sunset, and subsisted mostly on rosemary roasted potatoes and bread.

But no matter how empty our bank account got, we always had one vital ingredient in our small pantry: CRISCO. Because you can't make the king of all chocolate chip cookies without it. We've flirted over the years with other non-crisco recipes (this one is really good, too), but we always come back to you, dear crisco-laden morsel of wonderfulness. The dough is fantastically tasty, and somehow, I don't understand it, but the cookies are even better the second - and if they make it this long - the third days. (Ok, actually if I think about it I guess the highly processed nature of shortening might have something to do with it.)

So, my gift, from me to you:

Steve's Chocolate Chippers (no idea where the original recipe is from)

mix: 1 c. crisco, 1 c. sugar, 1/2 c. brown sugar, 2 eggs, 2 t. vanilla

add 2 1/4 c. flour, 1 t. baking soda, 1/2 t. salt, and mix

When ingredients are just coming together, add chocolate chips (as many as you like).
Do NOT over-mix dough.

Bake at 375 for about 8 minutes.


L said...

I was just going to go looking for a chocolate chip cookie recipe. Thanks! This sounds good!

Sarah Pead said...

Have you ever tried butter-flavored Crisco? I have the most amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe that calls for a whole stick of butter-flavored Crisco and a whole stick of Imperial Margerine. Those cookies are to die for! You should try it. :)

Beth's Blue Blog said...

I will try it! I have to say there is something about hydrogenation that makes awesome texture. (It's well worth the free radical damage, right?) And I too have a chocolate chip recipe that calls for half crisco and half butter, aka "love". it is great. Not a fan of butter flavored crisco, though.

Prue said...

What is Crisco? From an uneducated Australian reader. ; )

Oh, and happy anniversary?!

Shell said...

I'm with Prue. Crisco here is a brand of cooking oil or a hamper package you pay off for Christmas :) we also don't do butter in sticks lol but choc chip cookies sound too good to pass up, and I can smell the eucalypts myself, each time I open a window :)

melissa said...

I bet most American homes have Crisco in the pantry. I laughed at Prue's comment, "what is Crisco?" It's probably better not to have Crisco in the cupboard as it is a major artery clogger. Lynne you should post your Texas sheet cake recipe too. I still dream of that!

meg said...

oh I secretly love me some crisco. And I grew up with these cookies! I had the recipe memorized by the time I was 10 I think, only we used a cup sugar and a cup brown sugar.

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