Books, Books, Books

This morning Melissa and I were brainstorming about books for boys (we love books for Christmas). Our boys are 10 (or almost); who love adventure and silly humor. Sometimes it's just a little hard to push them out of the Captain Underpants rut :). Here are some of the books she recommended - many of the authors were new to me. Any other ideas?

And while we are on the topic of books, have you seen these editions of classic children's books that Anthropologie is now selling? Gorgeous.


Cas said...

Paul Jennings is a fantastic Australian author who does great short story and chapter books. He has a series of "Un-" books (Unreal, Unbelievable, Unmentionable etc) that the great. I like them for boys because they're punchy and funny and a little bit naughty. Good fun.

Anonymous said...

Check out John Szieska's guysread.com. He has some great suggestions.

Funny books that boys might like this year (and that I liked too): Cosmic (Frank Boyce); The Strange Case of Origami Yoda; the Guys Read Humor book; and the Brixton Brothers books.

lynne said...

Chelle - Origami Yoda is hilarious! That's a favorite for my son. Will check out your other recommendations. Cas, excited to check out Paul Jennings! Thank you!

lera said...

My son just turned 10 and his class is reading the "Shadow Children Collection" by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Their entire class (4th grade) loves it. I just ordered the set from Scholastic.

kim said...

You must try Roald Dahl if you haven't already. Awesome. Also, Judy Blume (Superfudge etc) and Beverly Cleary (Ramona)?

Minnado said...

My son likes Jeremy Strong, we have also been recommended David Walliams' Mr Stink and the young James Bond books by Charlie Higson. Also we are enjoying the Just William books by Richmal Crompton - she is really funny and her writing makes me laugh, never mind my son. I am surprised that my son enjoyed Alice in Wonderland as much as he did.
I echo the previous comment about Roald Dahl, we are currently reading The Witches - a bit scary and funny.

melissa said...

Oh those are gorgeous books. I don't think I'll ever completely sell out to the e-books. I love the smell and feel of a real book too much!

melissa said...

And yes Roald Dahl is our favorite!

Bethany Hissong said...

I saw those Anthropologie additions... gorgeous. My son was into the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books but I think that's not what you want! Maximum Ride was a favorite around here for 12-13 yrs. old... not sure about the 10 yr. old audience. Boys are hard... My son likes the novels inspired by the video games or science fiction but again, not sure if those are list-worthy.

Anonymous said...

cressida cowell's harold hiccup the third and his dragon books, alan macdonald, alan stanton's Mr. Gum are all great and hilarious!! gigi

Mrs. P said...

Julie Berry (http://www.amazon.com/Rat-Brain-Fiasco-Splurch-Academy/dp/0448453592/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1292614926&sr=8-5)
The Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley
The books by Pseudonymous Bosch
The Alchemyst series by Michael Scott
and The Myseterious Benedict Society

katherine h said...

My 8yo boy is getting right into "The 39 Clues" series. They are a bit hard for him and he doesn't read much but he is really trying to read these. I have read the first couple myself and enjoyed them. The characters travel all around the world so he is picking up quite a bit of general knowledge on other countries. Learning with out knowing you are learning!

Bruise Mouse said...

Anthony Horowitz is HUGE in our house.
My 12 year old has just devoured the 39 Clues series. He has also just started The Red Pyramid which is the first in the new Rick Riordan series, The Kane Chronicles.
Happy reading.

Mama Elf said...

What about "How to TRain Your Dragon" and other books about Hick-up and his adventures by Cressida Cowell? They have humor and are a really good read, great picures too!

clare Carter said...

The Chronicles of Narnia was whipped through by my son so I think that set is a winner and also Septimus Heap and The Alchemist for some magical tales.
The gorgeous cloth book is actually not for Anthropologie but brought out by Penguin earlier this year and unfortunately not adapted so the terrifying aspects of some stories are still there.Its such a shame but I have been collecting in secret for later anyway.Especially the Anne of Green Gables.That ones for me : )
Merry Christmas!

kubby said...

Oh, this is a favorite subject for me, as a teacher and a mom of a boy! So here are a few of my favs:
The Whipping Boy
My Side of the Mountain
Ted Bell's Nick of Time
The Barnstormers series
The Book of Three
Percy Jackson Books
Chasing Vermeer
Calder Game
The Wright Three

Almost all these books have boys as the hero! Yeah for boys!

Kerry said...

Late in time behold this comes, but Richard Peck's A Year Down Yonder and A Long Way from Chicago are terrific!