Dear Melissa,

I'm very happy that you are blogging again. It's just not the same without you out there on the other end. I've really missed the fun of an ongoing shared project with you... I'm always motivated by your creativity and what you produce. You push me to think and try things that I otherwise wouldn't do or learn about, and I love that. It's so important to keep your inner life alive, don't you think?

Over the year I have thought a lot about letting the blog go as I've gotten busier with my family, or at points when the whole thing started to feel tired and overworked and stagnant. A fresh start feels good. For me, what I am constantly trying to figure out is balance - elusive, right? - and I feel like I can use this blog as a tool to help find it. I love the idea of sometimes painting, sometimes reading/discussing, and sometimes family life and things home-related (I do love a good home design blog). After reading your last post I foraged through my dusty garage and dug out my oil paints and supplies, and have been working on a few cloud pictures. I will show you when I finish. You are right, oil paints do smell so good.

The book...The Inferno - yipes! Daunting!! But in a good way. I think that has been on many a reading list I've been given in my life and I've only ever really read excerpts. I think it's poetry appreciation month or something coming up - (is Dante poetry? I have no idea but it seems like it is)... Speaking of poetry another author I'd like to spend some time with is Mary Oliver, or even revisit Shakespeare. How many pages is The Inferno? That might be the deciding factor for me. :) I will google. {More ideas, people?}


(p.s., I re-opened my little shop, this time on etsy. It is kind of a random collection of this and that.)


Chris said...

Can I just say how excited I am to see what you ladies are proposing?

lynne said...

Chris! I'm so glad! What do you want to read?

melissa said...

Could those little baby pictures be sweeter? It makes me feel happy to see her soft face this Saturday morning. Yes, and the shop, it's BEAUTIFUL! I think you should sell some of the cards with that hilarious Raold Dahl quote!

If not the Inferno, how about Moby Dick? Or a Shakespeare play would be great too...

melissa said...

another fun read could be Maupassant's short stories. Or one of my favorite books by my favorite author: the Debacle, by Zola.

lynne said...

i think since i chose the last one, you should make the final call for this one. all of those sound really interesting to me! after chatting with christen, i am intrigued by giving moby dick another try - and i haven't read any shakespeare since college... and maup. sounds really good... say the word and I'll get reading! can't wait!


Jennifer said...

Mary Oliver is wonderful! Her poems (in particular "Wild Geese") are life altering...in a good way. Her books are by no means lengthy or difficult, just amazing.

That's my two cents : )