I've not been able to respond to your articulate (and hilarious) post regarding your desire to be more French. I've been obsessing about how to improve the look of our very orange rental kitchen/dining room. I've received permission to paint. I think that's a start to tone down the orangeness of it all. What color do you like (from samples 1-5)? Do you have any other ideas? I've thought perhaps an indoor/outdoor carpet under the dining room table. Any other suggestions? I'm desperate for your advice.




lynne said...

Definitely #1! I think a pretty light grey would help to tone down the orange.

And I really think a charcoal grey indoor/outdoor rug under the table might be a nice anchor. Although, rugs under food tables with little ones...can be challenging.

And, how do you get your whites so white?! :)


Anonymous said...

The colors are difficult to choose from in the picture. We've had really good luck with Farrow & Ball Paints for our 100 year old apartment in Germany. They have lots of colors and the paint is exquisite on the wall. For a rug - try a bound sisal or grass rug.

Tricia said...

I like #1 too. Beautiful.

And I would look into a sisal or natural fiber rug. (Be sure and look for one that doesn't shed!) It brightens up a kitchen, catches crumbs and hides them until you can vacuum, and it's dirt color hides dirt or mess so well! Ours keeps our eating area looking worlds cleaner than just the bare floor, which always shows mess.

(Okay, it sounds like I never clean the kitchen...but promise I do. However, it only stays perfectly clean for about 10 seconds, therefore the need to have a crumb-catching rug beneath the table. :)