Home Sweet Home: Tricia

Welcome to Tricia's kitchen.

Tricia is an amazing woman. She homeschools her six children, raises all kinds of animals (including some really cute chickens), and fills her gorgeous home with books and creative activities. If you are lucky enough to be going, you can catch Tricia's presentation at BYU's Women's Conference on Gathering in the Kitchen: Healthy Eating and Happy Memories. Her blog, Our Home Made Happy, is consistently an inspiration to me as it is chock full of Tricia's great ideas and photographs. Go look.

When Tricia and her family moved in to their home, she painted the cabinets white herself.
Gorgeous and peaceful.
(plus I am madly in love with her tolix chairs)

She breaks her philosophy of using whites and neutrals down really well on her blog here...

more of Tricia's home to come!


Silcox Stories said...

Such a beautiful home! I'm ready to paint my whole house white; especially with change of season and the desire to clean and start fresh and new.

lynne said...

I know!! It feels so calm to me.

Brad said...

Yes, Tricia is an amazing woman. Her home seems so peaceful and serene, despite the fact of having six children. How do you do it Tricia?

Brad said...

I love your home Tricia! And you should see her sewing creations as well!

melissa said...

I'm dreaming of having a kitchen like yours Tricia!