Minding the unruly

Dear Melissa,

The other morning my husband walked by the bathroom door, where the seven year old and four year old were locked in together (they like to keep each other company while taking care of business). Steve overheard the following conversation:

7: ...no, that's wrong. try again.
4: ...but I don't know how to read
7: Just try again. You can do it! "Cloud." Spell, "cloud."
4: ...but I just need some toilet paper
7: not until you can spell the word correctly.
4: but the only word I can spell is my name
7: "Cloud" is simple. Do it.

I guess by the time we finally shuttle the four year old off to kindergarten, she will be well prepared with such a rigorous teacher at home. That's really what our public school system needs to shape those standards up - my daughter to come in and show them how it's done. Although her methods may or may not be legal. :)

(pictured are a pair of grey flannel matching blankets I recently made for those little sisters. they like all things in twin-form these days. how do you tie blankets without your fingers getting sore?)



Stephanie said...

That just made me laugh so hard. Thank you! My girls are 4 and 1 and are starting to interact in increasingly amusing ways.

Chris said...

The other day my five year old son and two year old daughter were playing...and the two year old commanded "spank my butt!". I was in shock...and then laughed my head off. Thanks for sharing this little anecdote. It made me smile.

melissa said...

Oh I love the twin flannel quilts, such a pretty binding too. Are you putting them on the ends of their beds? I'd love to see more photos. And talk about sore fingers...I've had three infected fingers from pricking myself quilting! Ahh!

Liz R. said...

a thimble silly.

Lauren said...

I am lucky you were such a nice older sister. I used to torment Ann like that when I was little.

BTW Post pictures of your kitchen. I have no idea what we were talking about on the phone the other day. I was so lost driving in downtown Manhattan and afraid that I was going to accidently take a bridge into Brooklyn.

Tricia said...

darling blankets. and girls. and conversation.

lynne said...

i hate thimbles!

It's The Little Tings said...

Mine are 4 and 7 too - and the conversations are so funny these days. I just prepped a quilt for the 7 year old and am ready to start tying - I was really hoping there would be a genius solution in the comments, but not yet. Love those blankets too.

allydru said...

I love your kids lynne. they remind me so much of my kids. and of you, oddly.

giddy teri said...

oh this post had me laughing...
california schools might benefit from this new teaching philosophy!!