pick up your brush

Dear Melissa,

Your romantic getaway to Paris sounds enchanting, and you look devastatingly adorable in your thrifty dress! My husband would totally be into wearing a small bathing suit. I look forward to the summer months even more now. :)

Spring in California is beautiful. We've had lots of rain, so the hills around our house are green - layers of green in all different shades. I am soaking it all in, and have been painting quite a bit. I'm trying to savor all of the green before it turns gold. That's beautiful too, but being a Virginia gal, there's something about that color that I just can't get enough of.


PS: Macbeth! Finish reading it by Monday, we will discuss!


Farmgirl Paints said...

well that was fun. love the swirls of color.

melissa said...

Oh my, oh my this is one lovely little painting. I like it when you paint a lot; it makes me so happy to see your beautiful creations.

Audrey said...

Lovely painting Lynne. I love the California hills when they are green too. They seem almost magical. When I first lived there I felt sure that little elves and fairies must live in them during that time of year. Enjoy the green!

Brad said...


This is a fine painting. You have such talent.