Minding the unruly: 8 year old party

I was excited to throw my little-now-big 8 year-old a party this year, since last year we had to forego (it turns out you don't get a birthday party in our family if you cut all of your little sister's hair off). It was so fun and I was so, so proud of her for having a scissor-free year.

(a blind-folded birthday girl)
Elements of a successful party in our household include a very very loose theme (in this case, color), lots of balloons, games (bobbing for donuts - hands tied behind backs; button button who has the button; smashing dyed eggs filled with glitter; freeze dance); and candy. What kid doesn't love candy?

(my daughter is a cheater! look at those hands.)

a toast to the birthday girl! thanks for being such a delight, little one.


chris said...

What a lovely party. I love that it was a casual, happy affair. Happy #8 sweet girl. What a momentous birthday!

melissa said...

You are the master party planner Lynne. What are the glitter eggs? I've never seen that before.

I wish we could have been at your party and the baptism.


Jen said...

Lily got baptised?? Oh I am So very sad we missed it. There are going to be so many important events we will miss:( Please give her a big giant hug from us and tell her how much we love her!

alexandra said...

Your kids are so lucky! Also, I need more info on the how-tos of this thing. Glitter eggs and all. Andrew and Will have birthdays coming up and I need some help.

Also, Lily is beautiful. She looks like an enviously tanned Lynne.

Jojo Caramel said...

Nice photos! Happy 8 to the lovely young lady!

Quelle superbe fĂȘte !

Lasso the Moon said...

What a blast! And how cute is that blindfold picture!!

joanna w. said...

i was wondering where the accordian balls were from?

lynne said...

hi joanna, i ordered them on amazon - they are made by martha stewart crafts. i think the set of 5 was $14 (and they are still hanging in our yard! i am getting my money's worth!)

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