Halloween (with the spooky filter on the iphone camera)

Hello out there, friends! It's been a long time.

October is totally my most favorite month of the year. Where I live in California we have seasons but they are on the subtle side - and so the way you really feel "fall" approaching is through the halloween decorations that begin to pop up on lawns and houses around us.

(I especially love the ghost my girls made and taped on our door. Scary!)

I find Halloween decor to be somewhat of a slippery slope. Years ago I began with the classy natural approach: a bare grapevine wreath, candy corns in a jar on the counter, blown-out eggs painted with semi-spooky Martha Stewart designs.

But soon pine cones and pumpkins no longer satisfied my who-knew-they-were-so-bloodthirsty children so I bought a tombstone for the lawn. The next thing you know we have an upsidown (presumably being tortured?) skeleton hanging from the limbs of a sweet little tree in the front yard and I find myself participating in a dinnertime conversation with the husband and children wondering if perhaps it might not be a good idea to make a pretend fire beneath the dangling skeleton.


But really, it's hard to compete when you have this across the street from you:

and this:

Yes, those are zombie BABIES behind the dismembered bloody man.

My friend Liz has I think found the perfect middle ground. Check out her flock of paper bats, flying across her family room:

Spooky and yet not something that would be forbidden by the Geneva Convention. Happy October!


Jen said...

Ha ha this cracked me up! I SOOOO miss decorating for Fall! Here it does not feel like the holidays are approaching AT ALL! So you don't know how much I appreciate this, especially the little tour of our beloved neighborhood, zombie babies and all:)

lynne said...

Jen - I wish you were here too!! The zombie babies are just so much better in person. :)

Julie said...

oh that is priceless. I had no idea that people decorated their gardens for halloween!

allydru said...

you have once again shown yourself a far better mother than me. I taped up some leaves from the tree out back last year, and I always get a few pumpkins, but am emphatically informed by my ten year-old that that doesn't even come close to counting as decorating. I think the word "deprived" came up. but that's pretty much the extent of my halloween festiveness. things like zombie babies disturb me more than they probably should.

but maybe a flock of bats is the ticket. with a fire under it.

Lisa said...

Those zombie babies are a riot!

sue said...

oh my. Yes, my 10 year old daughter is turning into a "blood thirsty child"... we have quite the creepy halloween tree outside our house right now... everytime I go outside i'm startled by the things dangling.... no zombie babes tho - yet.

alexandra said...

this was so funny! are those bats at the end stuck to the wall or are they 3 dimensional and suspended?

ps i want to live in your house. you have done such a wonderful job with it!

melissa said...

I love Halloween excess!

BigRock said...

NIce post thanks for sharing difference types of photos

charmingdate said...

So horrible ~

http://www.essaykings.me/ said...

I adore Halloween celebrations! You brought new light into it. The photos are scary, especially the spiders' web! I'm not afraid of them, but there web may be so creepy sometimes.
Nora Steelston