a froglet and four hatching eggs

I love Lynne's beautiful branch painting. Luckily the winter snow has melted, and spring is finally here. We had gorgeous weather today. This made for some happy spirits. Our moods were also lifted at our house when we received some new friends in the mail: a froglet from Grow a Frog, and four hatching eggs from mcmurrayhatchery.com If all goes well they will hatch into fluffy little chicks three weeks from now. I'm taking a trip to Belgium in ten days, so hopefully I will get back before the chicks hatch, or my husband won't know what to do with them. He's already not too pleased. I'm sure he'll change his mind when he sees them. I hope.


allydru said...

Those frogs are so fun. George had one a few years ago, which "disappeared" after about six months. The jury is still out on whether it got away along, but it was never seen again.

And you are HATCHING EGGS!?!? I can't wait to have a hen house. We're getting all our dairy and meat from an Amish farmer these days, and the fresh eggs are addictive.

Can I come to Belgium?

lynne said...

WOW! I'm so jealous! Those chickies are going to be so cute!!! What are you going to do with them? I've heard that chickens are lovely pets.

me too, about belgium!