a cheery summer outfit

I sewed up this simple shirt and skirt yesterday. Inspired by an antique French shirt, I made these patterns myself. The fabric is Windham from purlsoho.com .


lynne said...

oh...my...heavens...!!!! melissa, this is exquisite. and SIMPLE?!?! are you on drugs?!


ps, we had fun with your husband today! and thank you for the fabulous chocolate (much of which was eaten in haste as a way to alleviate driving-with-whining-children stress)

Emily said...

Wow! Where did you learn to make your own patterns? Did you take a class? That is one skill I would love to acquire. It's so fun that you can just look at something and figure out how to make it. That's great!

Ellee said...

Oh!! You did great job on this baby dress!! Love the fabric and pattern both!!