babes in the wood

I love the illustrations of Gyo Fujikawa. I think she is a Japanese illustrator who published mainly in the 70s and 80s. I remember many of her books from my childhood; maybe that's why I like them so. The second photo of the two children sleeping in the woods is called "Babes in the Woods." It's about two little girls who get lost in the woods and they die. The birds bring strawberry leaves to cover them up. H. is terrified by this and won't let me read it.

Not all her stories are quite so acerbic. Her silly jingles are on a bit lighter note: "Christopher Columbus, what do you think of that? A big, fat lady sat on my hat!"

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lynne said...

That is so funny about "Babes in the Woods" - the title and illustrations are so sweetie-pie. I can imagine all of the parents who started to read that story to their kids and then had to make up a different ending. If I read that story to L, she would ask me questions about it for weeks, I imagine. She is fascinated by death.