beachy ideas, anyone?

This morning - for the third morning in a row - poor L was crying in her bed because she thought she was going to wake up in the car on the way to our summer beach vacation (we made the mistake of telling them four days ago how on the day we leave, we will sneak into their rooms and carry them to the car early in their pj's). So we made little countdown chains. 9 more days and here we come, beach. Does anyone out there have any great ideas for beach vacation projects with little ones? I would love to have some little things tucked away for down-time. our vacation days are looooong because the kids like to wake up nice and early in their excitement. A couple ideas I have so far are simple watercolor pictures, gluing sand -- and maybe tie-dye -- and collecting shells and beach wood and making mobiles... Share with me your brilliance, crafting mothers!


Our Family said...

You could dig for burried treasures in the sand; you could even "plant" some ahead of time. You could build and entire sand village and keeping adding to it the entire time you are there. Maybe you could even send out a message in a bottle (it just came to mind, I will have ponder an environmentally safe way to do that. Seashell necklaces might be a hit. Just a few thoughts for now.

Em said...

how does one glue sand?