Chinatown and Soho

We love walking through Chinatown on Saturday afternoons, and working our way up through Soho. We visit the non-touristy side of Chinatown, south of Canal Street, closer to the Manhattan Bridge. There are always interesting and sometimes quite disgusting sites and smells. These fish were something else; we could smell them a block away.

I found this lovely old landscape at Cath Kidston (www.cathkidston.co.uk). Apparently all the stores in the US are closing, so I got this painting for a steal! It's an original, probably from the fifties. It's even more lovely in real life. The colors are bright and painterly. From a distance, it glows. I find myself continually peeking my head into the living room so I can look at it. What a find!

I love Lynne's purses. I'm putting in my order for one!

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lynne said...

Melissa! What a gorgeous painting. Where in your living room did you hang it? You'll have to post a picture of it in it's new home!