mouse/bunny & seahorse

here are the finished products of the kids' printing adventure yesterday afternoon - L made a mouse/bunny (can you guess which one is this) and E made the seahorse. They drew, I carved the linoleum blocks, they brayered (truly a verb? probably not) the ink & smashed the cards in the printer. as L would say, ta ta DA! we are going to write thank you notes for their teachers on these cards.

i also found some great ideas for fun summer plans with kids: go to the 2 straight lines blog (linked on our blog list) and click her recent post "camp russell". what a woman!


melissa said...

These cards are unbelievably beautiful! Your kids are so talented! I especially love the curly tail on the seahorse. So charming!

Chelsea of Coco Paper said...

I LOVE your blog. It is so inspiring. Really gets the creative juices flowing. I am a designer looking for someone who wants to partner with me (to letterpress). Do you letterpress or know anyone who does?

I want to start keeping in touch with my sister this way.