emily's shirts & headbands

here are emily's cutie-pie children, wearing these adorable shirts emily made. do you see that embroidery around the edges of the appliques? so great. emily made her daughter's headband and here are her instructions for making some yourself, as they are very adaptable and not too frou-frou:

The headbands are the easiest things in the world to throw together! A neighbor gave me a similar, store-bought one--it had some little silk flowers with plastic gems on it. It was actually very cute, but I liked the whole concept even better. All you have to do is measure the head it is for, cut ribbon and elastic (the stretchier the better) to equal that measurement (add a little for seam allowances) and sew the ends together. Then cut a smaller piece of ribbon to go around the seam and hot glue it in place. If the ribbon is wider than the elastic (as this one is), just sort of fold it/taper it, iron a little and wrap the ribbon around and glue. They really are simple to make. I don't know if these instructions make it sound more difficult than it is, but...I hope not! Good luck making them. With all the cute ribbon out there, you can have one for every outfit! Incidentally, I also made one for myself with extra-wide ribbon and I must say it turned out pretty cute. You can even just hot glue cute ribbon on top of those plastic headbands and they are pretty cute too. I made a couple of those for Bryn and she seems to like them fairly well. Who knows! Possibilities are endless!

thanks, emily. love it!!

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melissa said...

Your kids are so adorable! I love the idea of the head band too. I'll have to try that. Great work!