corner of my house

This is a sketch I did several months ago of one of my favorite spots, my sewing closet. As we live in a fairly small house, I don't have room for a sewing room or a craft room, so I use a closet. This closet is in the family room. When I want to sew, I pull out my fold-up camp chair and plug in my machine and away I go, with my knees tucked under a card table in the closet. Most everything I need is in this little place. It reminds me of our first Manhattan apartment with its three by five closet kitchen. I couldn't really use the stove because it was tucked too far into the corner, so we ate a lot of food cooked in the crock pot. The fridge was just a little bigger than a microwave; the stove the size of a small dishwasher. There was no dishwasher, only a tiny metal sink.
I drew this sketch in pencil. Then I outlined it in pen and colored it in Photoshop. I highly recommend Adobe Photoshop Elements. I love it. It only costs about $50 and is well worth it.
It's amazing how a cluttered, unromantic corner of one's house can look so important when rendered in a drawing. So get out a pencil and sketch a corner of your house. We'd love to see what you create. Maybe my closet/kitchen held a hidden charm, waiting to reveal itself. Who knows...


lynne said...

wow, what a cozy little corner. can i come and sew with you there?

(by the way, mom loves the drawing too, she just can't sign on to leave a comment!)

ellen said...

I love your drawing!