summer dress

i finally made a dress from those c. 1972 patterns i borrowed from my mother-in-law. i think this dress is perfect for a very hot day (we have many of those around here). L. is not so sure. she modeled it for the picture, then quickly whipped it off to change into her favorite ensemble: black ballet suit with short sleeves, khaki skirt, and white tank top over everything. (a very tricky outfit to visit the ladies' room in, by the way, but she sure feels lovely in it).


Our Family said...

What perfect dress for summer, I love it! L. makes a beautiful model too. Isn't it great that everyone has something that makes them feel like they look their best, even if isn't the million dollar outfit!

melissa said...

This is a beauty!

Isn't it disappointing when your creations don't bring as much pleasure to your benefactor as to yourself!