bon voyage my friends!

In the midst of the chaos and stress of getting ready for a month-long trip with three kids, I came up with an addicting project. So addicting that I had to force myself to stop sewing so that I could pack and tackle the mountain of laundry waiting to be folded. Colorful luggage tags...these would make a fabulous gift, and they are so quick to make.
Here's how you do it. Cut two pieces of fabric, four inches by ten inches. Place right sides together, sew, leaving a small opening, then turn right-side out. Top stitch around the edges. Sew a piece of colorful ribbon on each side. Then print your name and address on cardstock, cut out, and adhere into a Scotch Laminating Sheet (As seen in photo #4). Sew the edge of the laminating sheet into the inside of the luggage tag, backstitching to secure. Then simply tie the luggage tag onto your bag and enjoy!
These will make your utilitarian black suitcase easy to identify at baggage claim. Plus, your name is discretely hidden away from view inside of the tag, so any voyeristic travellers will not be able to know all your personal information.
I can't wait to get to Idaho so that I can sew more of these!


lynne said...

fabulous! can't wait to make one of these for our beach trip. not that anyone in my husband's family would accidentally take my bag from our car as we are not flying. but, still! fun to make!

Our Family said...

These are great! I just recently saw a place to order luggage tags with a personalized picture (I was going to do them for the grandparents for Christmas), but now I will just make them myself. I was also thinking you could make one with a picture of the kids for Dad when he is away on business (or football camp in our case). You could just attach it to one of the compartment zippers or somewhere else inside the suitcase.