true love! and birthday cupcakes for tammy

we went to the most amazing wedding celebration last night. julia, whose practice centerpiece we posted a picture of about a month ago - looked beautiful, the groom looked dapper, and the whole thing was just gorgeous (and delicious). These two are about the nicest people I think I will ever meet, and they just glowed for each other. At the dinner it was so fun to watch the pack of little flower girls roaming around in their white dresses with long colorful satin sashes and gold ballerina shoes... julia had hired a young woman to dress up in a fairy costume, and she entertained the kids with magic tricks and face painting in a special corner that had cushions and blankets all laid out. Such a great touch for a late night! The kids ate it up. Do you see the pictures of the menu? I love how the little flowers are attached so artistically with that layered gold floral tape. julia has such an amazing touch - so simple, so chic! we are just so, so happy for them.
and, happy birthday, tammy! you're the best! i even managed to make you cupcakes that don't resemble bosoms. enjoy.

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melissa said...

The food on the menu looks quite scrumptious!