a fairy in my garden

Little miss busy is turning four in a few weeks and we are having a garden fairy celebration. My normal party routine is to come up with a lot of time-consuming ideas, write them down on a big master list, look at/amend the list a great deal over a couple of weeks while not actually accomplishing anything, then stay up really late the night before trying to finish. Very stressful. But I have vowed, not this time!

So I started. One thing on the master list is to make flower wreaths for all the little girls. Won't they look sweet, running around all hopped up on sugar in their crowns?


melissa said...

What a beautiful, beautiful photograph! I love the fairy wreath. I bet you'll be able to get some lovely photographs at the party that you can then turn into watercolors.

Our Family said...

Oohh, and then we can put one of those beautiful watercolors into L. room!!!