lovely evening light

Yesterday evening the light was just beautiful; it was bright and warm, but not too stark. I got out the camera and started taking pictures--of the kids, the yard, my mom. Then my six-year-old wanted a turn at the camera. He took this photo of me and the three-year-old. He's a pretty good photographer I must say.

The simple linen bird dress in the first photo is one I recently sewed for my girl. I made the pattern up all by chance. I cut it out, quickly and furtively enlarging it from the pattern I made up for the baby, without following any rules or precise measurements like I always do; it drives my mom crazy! (She's so precise and such a perfectionist when she sews). I accidently cut the neck too large. I had intended to make a simple collarless neck sewn with a bit of bias tape. But what to do, it was way too big! How about elastic? The perfect answer, and I must say I liked the results.

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lynne said...

melissa - amazing!!! how pretty that picture of the two of you is. and that dress... incredible. i love the linen, i love the embroidery, i love the elastic neck. just so sweet and innocent. i almost fell off my computer chair when i saw it, i loved it so much.