little birdie undies

My mom's computer has been out of order for the past few days, and my brilliant niece finally fixed it, so I'm back. I've missed posting and reading Lynne's inspiring posts.

Here are some little bird undies I made for the baby. I first tried to sew a pair that had a seam up the middle of the front and back, but they looked too froufrou. They were all puffy and the bird images were all cut up. So I made my own pattern. My mom is constantly trying to get me to slow down and do things more precisely, but my method is fast and efficient. I've learned that if I'm going to make anything during the little free time that I have, I'd better be fast!


KitchenNut said...

I really like those! I love the idea of the birds--very creative. I've been wanting and longing to get back to my sewing machine...but, for now, I like to live vicariously through your images. :D

lynne said...

these are too cute. i think there is nothing sweeter than chubby baby legs - and all the better to show them off when they are wearing little bird undies!!

i wish i was a fast sewer. these days it feels like it takes me a lot longer to finish any one project. more precisely, 3 times longer. :)