Ode to FLOR

I always love looking through the FLOR catalog (I have yet to ever actually order any...) because I think the rooms they put together are such interesting mixes of art and furniture and fabric. I love the random green chair in this picture - right in front of the fireplace - with those couch throw pillows and purple blanket. Just so pretty.


melissa said...

I love this room! It actually first appeared in a Better Homes and Gardens article about a year ago. It is so fresh and beautiful!
I have a little Flor rug in our entryway, and the squares have refused to stick together properly; I finally resorted to duct tape, and that's worked for the moment.

lynne said...

how funny that they recycle the pictures like that. but i guess if i had a picture that showed off the FLOR so well, i would want to use it as much as possible.

duct tape is awesome.