fairy invites

It's getting to be fairy-ish around here, to the delight of my little one. Except when she says "actually...I want a penguin party." I was totally inspired by my amazing friend Julia's wedding menu (shown on a previous post).

For those of you interesting in making your own labels, there is a great tutorial on www.shimandsons.typepad.com (sorry, still learning how to make a link! I am pathetic). Shim and Sons is one of my favorite blogs and I think the second one I ever came across. I was totally hooked into this ridiculously addictive blogworld. Anyhow, Melissa and I have some special ideas - coming may 2008 - so stay tuned!

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melissa said...

Those invitations are so adorable! I love the little flowers. They look so pretty in those translucent envelops. I wish I could come to the fairy party!