a new obsession

I learn so many great tidbits these days from reading blogs. The other day I was reading the fabulous soulemama blog (www.soulemama.typepad.com - sorry, the link thing) and learned about BLURB.com, where you can make REAL books!! With dustjackets, and everything!! So last night I was up far later than I should have been, working on a family book. This is a great option for those of us who do not scrapbook, as you can add text, scanned artwork (I've put in a lot that my little ones have made), letters, etc. The possibilities are endless (as well as, I'm sure, the hours that will be consumed doing this). The above picture of my little man will be the back cover image on our dustjacket (it's the dustjacket that really just puts me over the edge).


Our Family said...

I have been using my family blog as journal with this intent to use blurb and publish it at the end of the year. It didn't occur to me to use it as scrapbook type thing too. Call me if you're up again tonight, I think I will be!! Oh and great photo of your little man!

melissa said...

brilliant idea! I'm going to check it out. Scrapbooking takes sooo long. I think this would be much quicker and much simpler looking. Thanks for the idea!

stephmodo said...

Lynne, I am making one right now. Blurb is awesome. You should try it! I decided to make a picture of my oldest daughter and I and present it to her on her first day of kindergarten.