internet trance

Last night after the kids went to bed, I sat myself in front of the computer and began browsing around the Internet. I thought I would only do it for a little bit, as I often have trouble sleeping if I do such an activity at night, because it sets my mind is a creative frenzy. Anyway, I started browsing, and one link led to the next and before I knew it, I was in a trance, unable to move from my chair in front of the computer. By the time I decided to go to bed, I could not sleep for hours; my brain was so hyper stimulated. Though I must say, this endeavor was not in vain, for I was able to find some really beautiful things, and work out some interesting ideas.

The top photo of these lovely, lovely baby shoes is from a French blog. You can find the shoes at http://www.padoum.com/. The next two photos are from a Japanese fabric company called Linet, http://www.lin-net.com/. I was coveting everything in this store and wanted to order it all. It is a bit pricey, though the linen fabrics are made in Japan.

I hope you enjoy looking at these lovely finds, and beware of falling into an Internet trance yourself!


lynne said...

oooh, i know the feeling all too well. those shoes are so cute.

andi,andi,andi said...

... ahhh, if wishes were fishes then I'd have a sea. I love this stuff. How fun to find you on line. Have you seen the kid's clothes from Jottum? TO DIE FOR. and the prices will kill you.

Jor said...

It must run in the family b/c I only let my self watch mindless TV at night...if I do anything else I can't fall asleep either!