a little laundry

My little ones have been doing some laundry around here. I decided to dedicate some of my low kitchen cupboards to montessori-like "stations" and it has been a smashing success so far. The favorite is definitely window washing - I put within a little container a cloth, squeegee, and sprayer bottle with water and a little vinegar (my 6 year old actually does a pretty good job! I think Sunday afternoon he washed the sliding glass door about 8 times). So between that, doll-clothes washing (laundry basket, bucket, small drying rack & clothespins), I also have a little vegetable washing station that consists of a tray with a bowl, brush, and apple slicer; a small tray with two glass jars with some rice (for pouring back and forth), and an art stencil tray. As we often like to say around here in Sugar City, the possibilities are endless!


melissa said...

You never cease to amaze me Lynne. What a great idea. My kids would love all those activities. In fact, tonight I let the oldest make a fruit salad all by himself. He cut the fruit and added some peach freezer jam and some strawberry freezer jam. It was actually really delicious. I should set us some play stations so they kids can do these sorts of activities more often. Thanks for the ideas.

lynne said...

wow, that is so great that he made a whole fruit salad!! did he think to add the jams all on his own? that sounds really good, and i've never tried/thought of that before!

Our Family said...

I am so excited to hear that it was a hit. I too think that I will have create that, then they can clean their own handprints off the sliding glass door!