luckiest girl in the world

today i am feeling like the luckiest girl in the world -- look what came in the mail from melissa for my almost-four year old. As well as the sweetest little white dress for the smallest member of the family! I was so excited I almost threw up. Thank you so, so much, Melissa! She tried it on, did a lot of twirling, and determined that it's the perfect thing for her birthday party on Saturday morning. (Which makes me very happy, because for a while her plan was to be naked, along with all of her young guests. Which would have been really akward). And Melissa, I just want to say: how on earth did you get the seams inside the dress to be so neat??

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melissa said...

The inside seams are "French seams." You simply sew the dress with a very small seam allowance, right side out, then turn it wrong side out and sew over that seam with just a bit more seam allowance. Many of the second-hand little shirts I recently bought in France were made entirely with French seams.