most amazing homemade yogurt!

I have a cousin who has seven children and her husband is a college professor. She's learned to live on small means. She makes her own bread three times a week, and she also invented a brilliant method for making homemade yogurt from powdered milk. This yogurt is amazing. I've made it twice since I've been home, and it's worked perfectly both times. My kids and husband love it and eat it all up right away.

Here is how you make it:

4 cups warm (100 degree) water
2 cups powdered milk

Water is warm but not hot. (I'd say the perfect kid bath temperature.) Test the temperature with a thermometer. Blend the warm water and milk in a blender. Then add about one cup of warm milk mixture to a small bowl. To this, add four tablespoons plain yogurt. (My cousin likes Dannon.) This will serve as a start for your yogurt. In the future, once you start making batches of yogurt regularly, you can use your own homemade yogurt as a start for the new yogurt. Stir the cup of warm milk with the four tablespoons yogurt, then mix all together in the blender. Pour mixture into jars and screw on the lids.

Find a large pot or roaster oven that has a lid. Fill it part way with 100 degree water. (There should be enough water to reach about an inch below the top of the jars.) Place pot on top of a heating pad. This will keep the water at a constant temperature. (I set my heating pad on medium. Make sure that your heating pad does not turn off after an hour; many of the new heating pads automatically turn off. You don't want this kind.) Place jars of warm mixture in pot of water. Put lid on pot and place a large towel on top of the pot. This will help maintain a steady temperature. Let yogurt incubate overnight, or for six to eight hours. You will know that the yogurt is ready because it will have thickened in the jars. Once the yogurt is set, refrigerate until ready to eat.

We like our yogurt with strawberry freezer jam and fresh berries mixed in. You can also enjoy it simply with sugar or honey and a bit of vanilla. It is delicious! You can make it much less sweet than grocery store yogurt which is way too sugary!

I am so excited about this new recipe. I hope to save lots of money to put in my antique furniture fund! It is also an earth-friendly and rescues a lot of plastic containers from the junk pile. I hope you enjoy this recipe too. Hats off to my cousin Lisa!


lynne said...

this would be good for adding to my daily smoothie. i can't wait to find a heating thing and try this!

KitchenNut said...

This is great! Are y'all using Instant Milk (like Carnation) or Powdered Milk (like Bob's Red Mill)?

I'm excited to give this a try!! Thanks for the post.

melissa said...

I used the grocery store brand powdered milk, but I'm sure you could use any brand.