the sock graveyard

I recently returned home from a month-long trip away to find many new additions in my house. The first was a huge mound of socks piled high in the bedroom. I laughed about it to my husband. "Well, at least they're clean," he responded.

I also found an enormous mess of laundry lying pell-mell all over the three-year-old's room. (That too was clean!) And there was more rotten food in the fridge than you can imagine.

Another surprising addition was a mass of gnarly weeds growing in every corner of the yard--making our house look a bit like the Herdman's.

The least unpleasant addition was a new flat-screen television.

What can a woman expect when she leaves the house for one month in the care of a busy working man!

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lynne said...

that tv is hilarious. he called and told me the day he ordered it - he totally knew that it was his only chance to get it, while you were gone! that brother of mine...

welcome home!!! i hope your plane ride went well. i'll call you later this afternoon...